80-Ball Bingo

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80-Ball Bingo

Do you find that 90-ball bingo takes too long to get through a game? Or feel it is too restrictive with the patterns available to play? Maybe you want a game to last a bit longer than 75-ball bingo and not have to keep track of the seemingly endless possible patterns found those games. 80-ball bingo is a great middle ground variation of bingo for the bingo enthusiast that wants to have his cake and eat it too. Originally known as “shutter board bingo” for the cards it was played on, (which had small shutters to cover the numbers on the cards as they were called out) this version of the game has been growing in popularity among all bingo lovers.

As you might expect, in 80-ball bingo, each ball is number from 1 through 80. The cards for this version of bingo consist of four horizontal rows and four vertical columns of sixteen squares. Every square contains a randomly placed number, from 1 to 80, and each column is usually a different color- red, yellow, blue, and silver. Players buy their tickets- as many as they can handle playing at one time- and the game begins.

As with any bingo game, the announcer calls out one randomly selected number at a time and players mark the numbers called that appear on their cards. The first player to complete the predetermined game pattern on any one of their cards calls out, “BINGO!” and claims their winnings. The more cards that have been sold, the larger the prize pot is. The range of patterns is somewhat more restrictive than the variety of patterns available on the 5x5 cards played in 75-ball bingo. The most common patterns from 75-ball bingo are still used, such as the X, (as well as several other letter patterns) corners, the classic row or column patterns.

80-ball bingo is a fun, innovative new way to play online bingo. Players across the world have started turning their attention toward this game, and online bingo halls are picking up on that fact and adding 80-ball bingo to their list of available games, often including fantastic jackpot prizes as extra incentive to play. If you love bingo, this game is well worth checking out.

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