Scratch Cards

Online casinos most always offer a type of lottery game called Scratch Offs. These are instant win casino games that a player can virtually scratch to reveal if they've won a prize.

Paddy Power Scratch Offs

Scratch Offs come in all different themes, with variable purchase prices and maximum prizes awarded, but in general, they all work the same way. There are 9 amounts to be scratched off. Match 3 like amounts, and that is the prize you win. If there are not three like amounts on the scratch Off card, no prize is won.

Cash-Amount Scratch Off Cards

Scratch Offs often come with multiplier bonus boxes. This is a small box, typically located underneath the 9 scratchable amounts. This box will contain a number multiplier, such as 1x, 2x, 3x or even 10x. This number defines how much your prize is multiplied by. A 1x has not multiplied bonus, but a 3x would multiply your prize by 3 times.

Symbol-Based Scratch Off Cards

More uniquely designed Scratch Off cards at online casinos would contain symbols, instead of cash amounts. These Scratch Offs ask the player to scratch off 9 symbols, and if there are 3 like symbols, the player scratches off the prize amount box to see how much they have won. Symbol-based Scratch Offs may or may not come with multiplier bonus boxes.

Scratch Off Card Themes

It's amazing how many themes online casino software developers have come with for Scratch Off Cards. One of the most recent, and widely popular for its relation to the actual TV game show, is the Deal or No Deal Scratch Off Card available at some online casinos. Though the theme is unique, the game still works the same. Scratch off 9 cases and if three cash amounts match, you win the prize.

Scratch Off Cards - How To Play

Scratch Off Cards are one of the easiest games to play as there is absolutely no strategy involved. You will either win or you won't. In order to play, you have two options – either manually scratch off the card by holding down the left mouse key and moving the mouse pointer back and forth over the scratchable areas on the card, or simply click the “Scratch All” or “Reveal All” button to instantly scratch the entire card.

While insta-scratching is perhaps the most common way to play, manually scratching the card does add a certain level of excitement and anticipation to online casino Scratch Off Cards. It also allows for a more diverse level of entertainment as players are usually given a number of items with which to scratch their cards. For instance, at PlayTech casinos, there will be a button labeled “Scratch Tools”. Clicking this button brings up a window with the following 3D scratch tools - a coin, a car key, a bottle cap and a guitar pick. When selecting a 3D scratch tool, your mouse pointer will become this tool.

Scratch Off Cards - Buying Tickets

As we said, there's no real strategy to playing Scratch Offs at Internet gambling sites, however they do add an element of selection to give a player more choices. At PlayTech casinos, for instance, when a player opens the Scratch Off Card window, they will see two buttons labeled “Buy Ticket” and “10 New Tickets”. Above these boxes is a fanned-out display of 10 Scratch Off cards.

The player may click on any of the 10 scratch offs fanned out in the display. This is the ticket they will purchase and scratch when the “Buy Ticket” button is clicked. Should a player prefer the number 7 as good luck, they may choose the 7th ticket, click Buy Ticket, play it, then select “10 New tickets” and again choose the 7th ticket.

Scratch Off Card Pay Tables

Another button on the Scratch Off Card is labeled “Pay Table”. Clicking the Pay Table will reveal the maximum amount that can be won, as well as the payout percentages. For example, an average of 1 in 5 Scratch Off Cards of a certain type may be winners.

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