75-Ball Bingo

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75-Ball Bingo

75-ball bingo is the most popular variation of bingo in the US. Bingo halls across the country have been playing this version of the game for decades. Players love the multiple pattern games that can be played, which have been described as the most innovative patterns of all the bingo game variations. Several churches hold weekly bingo games to raise funds. Bingo prize games are often played in lieu of raffles in local fairs, fundraisers, and other social events. Easy to play and understand, 75-ball bingo is possibly the most widely known game in North America.

As the name suggests, 75-ball bingo is played with 75 numbers. The playing cards are made up of a 5x5 25 square grid. Each vertical column is designated 1 letter, from left to right, to from the word “bingo.” B-I-N-G-O. Each lettered column may contain any 5, (or in the case of the center column, 4) of 15 numbers designated for that column. The ”B” column will contain any 5 numbers from 1 through 15. The “I” column can be any number from 16 through 30. The “N” column will contain any 4 numbers from 31 through 45, (the center square in the “N” column is always blank.) The “G” column may contain any number from 46 through 60, and the “O” column, 61 through 75. The 75 balls are each numbered accordingly, B-1, B-2...B-15, all the way up to O-75 with 1 ball representing each of the possible squares on the cards.

Players betting on bingo games choose the pattern game they want to play and purchase their bingo cards before the game starts. The announcer starts the game by choosing the first ball at random and calling out the number printed on it. That ball is then set aside from the rest to avoid the same number being called twice. When playing in an online bingo hall, each number is selected by random number generating software. The numbers are marked on the number board for players to reference during the game, often with the last five numbers to have been called highlighted by a different color than the rest. The first player to complete the predetermined game pattern on any one of their cards shouts out, “BINGO!” and brings their card to the announcer for inspection.

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