Another Happy Birthday!

Cathy | U.S.A. | Tuesday October 20th 2009, 09:21 | 0 Comment

My son turned 14 today! I’m so excited! Guess what we didn’t do? We did not play any form of online bingo lol. With a lot of our parties recently we did some educational bingo cards, Hannah Montana Bingo and other fun varieties, but for my son, we took him to a neat little club located in Portland.

It’s called Versis, and very popular with the teenie boppers, and honestly, with all members of the male species. In fact, we also took a few grown men, and of course we took the 5 year old duo, Marcus and Malachai.

Malachai, if you’re newer here is my son. Marcus is Becca’s son, another of the girls here at Bingo Chicks.

At Versis, there are several big big big screen TV’s and every game system the guys might want to play. The staff there caters to your every wish. Putting in Playstation 3 games, and coordinating Xbox live. Malachai played both Spiderman, and Iron Man, he loves the super heros.

So at the end of the day Malachai wanted to go back to Versis, and asked if we could go next weekend. I said that we might be able to make some sort of deal, and here is the deal that was made.

Mali is a fit thrower. I mean throw yourself on the floor, and roll around screaming and kicking about once hourly, or more. If it looks like someone might even say maybe instead of yes, this kid is on his back in mere seconds.

So I told him he could throw fits, exactly two of them all week. Of course at the onset of any fit throwing I’ll be reminding him of our arrangement, and asking him if this is to be one of his official fits. My hope is to give him a reason to reflect on his fit throwing habits, and let him decide if perhaps some of his fits could be avoided.

Bob, also had his eye surgery today, which went well. Who knew they did that sort of thing while you were awake! Wish him luck, he’ll find out tomorrow if he can see again I do believe.

Since I didn’t involve bingo at all at my sons party, I do think I have earned a few bingo cards online this evening, don’t you? If you’ve got the time, sign up to Bingo Workz, get your 30 Free Bonus Bucks and meet me there.

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