Hannah Montana Bingo Game

Cathy | U.S.A. | Thursday September 10th 2009, 22:05 | 0 Comment

Wowzah's it's been a busy week! It's been days since I had a chance to sit down and play a game of bingo!

The kids started school this week, which so far has been great! I was a little worried about my eight year old daughter, we pulled her out of school last year, she felt picked on, not by the students, but by the teacher. After quite a few meetings, we made the decision to home school her last year This year, one week down, and she loves her teacher, and says she's GREAT, and she loves her class too.

She hugged the teacher good bye, my heart breathed a sigh of relief.

She's actually seven, she turns eight next week, she's having her birthday party at Oaks Amusement Park, she's super excited! She's even more excited about her present.

Hannah Montana Bingo

Hannah Montana

We bought her Hannah Montana tickets for her birthday, well okay, I guess they actually do say Miley Cyrus on them hehe.

We had to give her the tickets early, being that the concert is before both party and her actual birthday.

I also found the cutest Hannah Montana Bingo game for the kiddies to play at her party! We're going to spend about an hour in the party area having cake, playing games, and taking a bit of a break from the rides, and I thought that'd be perfect!

Speakin' of Bingo bet ya can't guess what I'll be doing when I'm all done writing this? Yeah, online bingo, that's the ticket! Today, I'm heading to Bingo Mania, one of the sites that gives you $5 to play bingo for free without making you deposit.

I don't qualify for the $5 though, I play there pretty often, actually I dropped in for a visit yesterday just as VINCTnDMNICGMA hit a jackpot and won $1000.00!

Good Luck in your games, and in your new school year everyone!

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