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Online Poker USA

Although it is far too early to make a call on whether the Senate subcommittee hearing that discussed “The State of Online Gaming” has been good news for online poker players in the United States, people are going to speculate on the hearing. This is human nature and it is even more the case when it comes to people that love to gamble. Speculation is all part of the process of online gaming and gambling, so you know that there will be a lot of people who are going to try and call it early. This may not be wise, you don’t get your hopes up too much or become too despondent but there is certainly a chance for people to start weighing up the future for online poker in the US.

It needs to be remembered that anyone pinning their hopes on the Internet Poker Freedom Act changing things dramatically and quickly are likely to be let down. However, there is no doubt the fact that a frank and honest discussion was had about online poker in the United States should be seen as proper progress. There is no getting away from the fact that the real money online poker USA players are keen to find any good news and this is definitely something that should be taken from the discussion. Online poker in the US is back on the discussion table and it is certainly a lot more real.

Rep. Lee Terry, from Nebraska, was pretty fair and even handed in his approach and talking points. Some poker players may have rolled their eyes and shook their head when he came out with a few negative points at first but there is no denying that once he got on a roll, he managed to make a number of good points that could actually boost the hopes of online poker in the USA.

Even critics can find positive points with online poker

The lawman from Nebraska stated that he and a number of his colleagues had a number of concerns about the poker only bill when it was first introduced. The initial viewpoint was that the proposed bill would actually infringe on a number of the rights that states held with respect to gaming online. This meant that there would be a big need for a lot of consultation and further review.

Rep. Lee Terry
Rep. Lee Terry

The good news came when Terry said that after hearing some of the points and testimonies that were presented, he felt that he had a better understanding of what the bill was trying to allow. The fact that there is scope for every state to opt out under their own discretion was certainly something that caught the eye of Terry and he believed that there would be an opportunity for the bill to go further with approval.

With respect to building momentum and showing that opinions can be changed, there is already a lot to be positive about with respect to the prospect of online poker in the US in the years ahead. It is going to be a quick resolution, there are still too many people strongly opposed to what online poker will bring, but this doesn’t mean that there is no chance at all.

There have also been some observers stating that the Sheldon Adelson Group, who have promised to oppose all regulated gaming and online poker, failed to deliver a worthwhile testimony. Sometimes you can win through your opponents not being good enough, and again, people who are in favour of online poker can take a lot from the hearing.

There is still a very long way to go in the fight to have online poker regulated across America but finally, things are starting to look more hopeful and positive.

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