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Online bingo may use a random-number generator to pick a winner, but there are some very clever tips and tricks that you can use to boost your winning potential and ensure that you stand a better chance of striking it lucky when you get started with Bingo.

One thing to note is that the rules are different when it comes to online bingo compared to the traditional hall-based game. Online bingo is slightly more complicated than the traditional version, but it's just as much fun and offers players the chance to win big. Always check out the rules before playing as they may cost you a jackpot. Some of the things you need to pay attention to are duplicate-account rules, timed deposit regulations, play-through rules, cash-out rules, chat etiquette and any rules pertaining to deposits that you may receive for signing up or playing games.

Bingo Tips to Boost Your Bankroll

When registering to play online bingo, ensure that it is a trusted and reliable company that will guarantee you prompt payouts. To get started many sites require you to register and sign up, rewarding you with a bonus on your first deposit. This bonus could take the form of added credits, extra boards or an increased bankroll, all of which allow you to play for longer and stand a better chance of being the first to bingo!

Look out for bonus balls that equal bonus points when matched to your bonus card. These bonus balls can also help you win other bonuses, so always keep tabs on what comes your way. In addition to paying attention to bonus balls, also keep an eye on your bingo card. Not every site has an auto-daub feature and you may need to check that the numbers called are crossed off.

Don't be afraid to play the more expensive games, as those with a higher card rate have bigger and better prizes and higher winnings than the low-cost games. Wherever possible, play multiple games to increase your winning chances and make use of the multi-play option when available.

Timing Is Everything

By chatting to other bingo players, you will soon establish a pattern of times that are best for winning big. By sharing information, you can also determine where the biggest jackpots are and which sites offer the best rewards. It's generally a good idea to play bingo games on a Friday or Saturday night as this is when the biggest jackpots are on offer and the bonuses are booming. A prime bingo time would be between seven and eleven pm and many players strike it rich in these four hours.

Beware of overly busy games that have become overcrowded with players who want to call bingo first. If you are in a game that is jam-packed you stand less of a chance of winning as the odds are stacked against you. If you find yourself in a crowded bingo game, head to a more evenly balanced room to improve your chances.

Use these pro tips to play the best possible bingo game and enjoy great success in everyone's favourite game of chance.

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