Are Paddy Power Bound For The US Market?

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Paddy Power is a betting and gaming company, catering bingo players with Paddy Power Bingo, that knows all about taking a risk but having fun when they do it. This means that many people have a rather humorous opinion on the company but they’re deadly serious about the gaming opportunities they provide to players. This can be seen with the fact that Paddy Power has signalled their intent to earn a New Jersey online gaming licence.

The Irish company has applied to obtain a New Jersey gaming licence although it must be said that they are not alone in doing so. The British company Betfair has also made moves to be awarded a licence but US firms are not far behind. Companies like Trump Entertainment and Caesars Entertainment have also signalled their intention to be part of the New Jersey online gaming scene.

It is expected that the New Jersey online gaming licences and market will become active later in 2013 and Paddy Power are keen to be involved. With industry experts believing this market can rise to being valued at €300m every year, it is understandable why so many companies will be keen to grab a slice of this gaming pie.

Things are coming up smiling for Paddy Power

While Paddy Power is best known for their sports betting opportunities, the company runs a number of online gaming sites. This includes the Paddy Power casino and if the company is intent on breaking into the North American market, they will be perfectly placed to do so. One thing that is important to remember about Paddy Power, and an advantage they have over so many rival firms looking to crack the US casinos market is the Irish factor.

Kermit’s nephew Robin may have sung about how it’s not easy being green but in America, there is a lot of love for the Irish. This is mainly manifested on St Patrick’s Day when the wearing of the green is traditional, as is drinking an awful lot of alcohol, but there is a respect and admiration for the Irish. If Paddy Power can play their cards right, they may find themselves in pole position to clean up on both sides of the Atlantic.

United States

The communications director for Paddy Power stated, “We want to make sure that we're in place and ready. We've applied for the license to be in there, and we'll then see what is viable. We're putting ourselves in position.”

Paddy Power has already made moves to be recognised in the US and in 2012; the firm took its first tentative steps across the water. This came when the firm was provided with an online gaming licence for Nevada. Nevada is one of the three states in the US, alongside New Jersey and Delaware who have taken a bold step forward in introducing intrastate online gaming opportunities. If Paddy Power can become a major player in the US gaming industry, there will be a new and fresh face on the US casino scene to look out for.

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