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If one of your favorite bingo spots is at Bingo Workz, then one of your questions would be what type of tournament games is offered there. There are so many to choose from that happen during different times of the day. Today, I am going to focus on Deuces Wild Bingo. You are probably thinking that we are talking about poker here, but there is a bingo variant that also goes by the name Deuces Wild, which normally runs between the hours of noon and 2pm, 7 days a week. Card costs for this game run around a quarter each.

Bingo Workz

Deuces Wild Poker Bingo is played the same way as if you had a deck of cards in your hand. The object of the game is to get a five card poker hand except for that instead of the hand being in playing cards, it represents the player getting a bingo instead. Now this is where the game gets a bit interesting here, the number 2 ball is known as the deuces wild, kind of like the playing cards which will help each online bingo player make a better hand. This game includes Nabors, which means that if you have a lower score than another player and a higher score against another player, then when you get a bingo, they can each win bingo buckz. The payment structure works like this:

  • 1 Pair equals 2 bonus buckz
  • 2 Pairs equals 4 bingo buckz
  • 3 OAK equals 6 bingo buckz
  • Straight (having a bingo in any order) equals 10 bonus buckz
  • Flush equals 12 bingo buckz
  • Full House equals 14 bonus buckz
  • 4 OAK equals 16 bonus buckz
  • Straight Flush (BINGO in order) equals 20 bonus buckz
  • 5 OAK equals 25 bonus buckz
  • Royal Straight Flush (BINGO in order ending with the same number) equals 50 bonus buckz

Players can sit at the edge of their computer chairs during deuces wild for their double down and double up Nabors. This works when someone gets a bingo and either two players above or below the winner will get 2 bingo buckz each. This makes the game more appealing for all players and everyone can become a winner. What's even better, is that Bingo Workz offers several types of specialty games and tournaments to suit everyone's individual taste and skill level to win bonus buckz jackpots or play for real money.

How can you participate? Stop on by to Bingo Workz and complete your free registration. New sign ups can receive a bonus of up to 250% of your initial deposit. Not sure if you are ready to join? Bingo Workz offers potential members a free $30 to try out their software and see if this room is the right fit. Americans are allowed to participate at Bingo Workz and any other site that's a part of the Worldwide Bingo Network. They accept several payment options that are safe and convenient for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Come on into Bingo Workz and you will never want to leave.

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