Comparing Two Relatively New, but Popular Online Poker Sites

Elizabeth | U.S.A. | Thursday June 9th 2011, 10:06 | 0 Comment

Lock Poker vs Pokerview

Picking the right poker site can be challenging, and there's nothing worse than thinking that you've found the best possible spot online, only to lose your bankroll to a group of sharks or determine that the software that at first glance looked pretty is so buggy that it's difficult to use. In this article, two sites, one well-established and one new, will go head to head to determine which one is best.


Pokerview has a browser version, making it compatible on all systems, while their downloadable software appears to only work on Windows. Lock Poker has downloadable software only, but it can run on Windows, Mac, or Linux. Since both technically can be played on all systems, finding a winner is difficult, especially as Pokerview offers the luxury of not needing a download (great for people on the go or those who avoid downloading software), while Lock Poker will run faster on non-Windows machines if people use the downloaded version, compared to Pokerview's browser-based application. This one is a draw, as both sites have their advantages.


Lock Poker is the clear winner of this popularity contest, due in no small part to the hefty bonus players get when signing up (the Lock Poker bonus code 2011 has the best and most current bonuses). Lock Poker has also been around a lot longer, as Pokerview had their beta release in January 2011.


You'll find far more competition on Lock Poker, but whether or not that's a good thing is up to you. Some players like to swim in pools with sharks (typically players who are sharks themselves), but most are perfectly happy in quiet game rooms with people who will offer a friendly game with moderate competition-- a place where they can grow and improve. Because Pokerview is so much smaller, the big name players haven't infiltrated it yet, so the level of the games is much more middle of the road than at Lock Poker, which has its own team of professional players.


A Pokerview bonus code will get you a 100% match on up to the first $600 you deposit with them, while Lock Poker offers a 150% match on up to $750. It's not hard to see who the clear winner is when it comes to bonuses: Lock Poker has one of the best bonuses on the internet.

Other Promotions

Pokerview wins this category hands down. It's not surprising, given that they're still in that early stage where they're trying to draw in players. Any player who makes a deposit with the Pokerview bonus code gets a free t-shirt or webcam, and for every friend you refer to the site, you get $100. There are different levels for players to achieve, and reaching higher levels entitles players to headphones, an iPod, and even an iPad.

While this article does attempt to determine which site is best, remember that it's always a matter of what is best for you, as what you want and need from a site is completely different from the wants and needs of the next person. With some luck (and a little bit of patience), you can find the place that's right for you.

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