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Gambling Apps for the Iphone
Gambling Apps for the Iphone

What could be better than sneaking off during your lunch break to play a few hands of poker or place a few bets on the upcoming sports game? Now you can gamble from the comfort of your iPhone, as you can find more and more real money gambling apps for the iPhone making their way onto the market.

For poker lovers, there are a limited number of real money gambling apps available, but a few do exist. Bwin and Switch Poker both offer real-money games for the iPhone, iPod, and iPad. The former is only currently available in the UK and Austria, while the latter has a more extensive reach but still does not accept players from the US. Bwin is downloadable, but Switch Poker isn't technically an app, as the whole game takes place in a browser window. Because they're one of the two main companies that offer a real money poker game for the iPhone, however, they still make the list of best poker apps.

Americans who are looking for real money gambling apps will be disappointed to find that there are currently no iPhone apps that allow Americans to play poker for money. There are a couple of sites, however, that allow US residents (and non-Americans as well) to place bets through their mobile device. Sportsbook and Bookmaker are two well-established gambling websites that have expanded to the mobile market and allow players to use real money. Both sites have been developing a name for themselves on the internet for over a decade, so transactions with them should be safe and secure and without any problems. Sportsbook and Bookmaker offer substantial bonuses to those who want to use their real money gambling apps, and both allow users to place bets on upcoming sporting events, from football to hockey.

As more and more people come to use smartphones, the mobile market will continue to evolve, and more and more real money gambling apps will become available. While the majority of the world will see new apps arriving every day, those in the US who want to use such applications may need to wait for some legal changes, as the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act puts a series of complications on online gambling. These complications only serve to add further challenges to developers trying to create new real money gambling apps that are safe, secure, and fun to play.

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