Imaginative Bingo Strategies

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Because bingo is a game of chance in which every card holds the same odds of winning, at least until the first number is called, it can prove difficult to formulate a strategy that effectively increases your chances of winning. Most bingo players, whether playing no deposit bingo, or for real money, simply buy the maximum number of cards they can play every game to increase their chances of holding the winning card. While this might make sense, it is lacking in imagination, and when you stop to consider that most bingo players will employ this strategy, it’s simply not as effective as one might think. However, with a little imagination on how and when you buy your bingo cards, you can increase your odds of winning slightly, and at very least minimize your losses.

Bingo Strategies

Consider this: players will often change up the number of cards they play each game, usually depending on the patterns. Often, when a pattern requires a larger number of squares on the bingo card to be filled, players will buy more bingo cards in the hopes of increasing the odds of winning. The problem is, everybody is doing it, and so the odds for each individual bingo player are simply canceled out by the sheer volume of cards in play.

Instead of following the pack and buying up the largest number of cards possible when these bingo game patterns come up, try only buying a few. Take your chances with a small number of cards and save your money for the patterns that require less squares on the bingo card to be filled. Then, when other players are buying a few less cards, buy as many as you can get your hands on. With less squares needing to be called, and a larger number of your own bingo cards in play, you can increase your own odds of winning and minimize your losses from the other more complicated patterns in which you had fewer bingo cards in play. Plus, even though you are playing fewer cards on the complex bingo patterns, odds are that eventually one of those cards is going to win. Not only will you have minimized your losses because you spent less money buying fewer cards, but when you do hit on those patterns, the payout is better for you, (again because you spent less money to play.)

Of course you could decide to first try out these imaginative bingo strategies while playing free bingo games, but being imaginative when developing your strategies during real money bingo sessions may actually pay off.

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