Exposes Why Poker is also for Chicks

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Throughout history, men have taken much of the glory of card playing. There are statistically many more live and online poker players of the male persuasion, and certainly more professional male poker players with tremendous success stories, but is determined to show that poker is also for chicks.

As a whole, poker is generally viewed as a man’ssport. Take a look at the entire history of the World Series of Poker, for example. No woman has ever won the championship bracelet, nor has any woman made it to the final table since 1995. But look a bit closer and you'll see that poker is also a ladies game.

Annette Obrestad
Annette Obrestad, an authority in online poker information, is determined to get the word out that poker is also for chicks. If you examine the World Series of Poker Europe, still in its infant stages in terms of annual longevity, Annette Obrestad won the very first WSOPE in the history of the championship tournament.

Other professional poker chicks include the lovely Jennifer Harman, the exquisite Evelyn Ng, the inexorable couth of Clonie Gowen. These female card sharks retain dreaded skills on the live and virtual felt, and the list goes on from there.

Most poker enthusiasts are quite familiar with the name Howard Lederer. Though he has yet to receive the coveted WSOP championship bracelet, Lederer has laid claim to 10 first place tournament finishes, including several WPT titles and a 1st place victory at event #9 of the 2008 Crown Aussie Millions that earned him nearly $1 million alone.

Annie Duke
Annie Duke

What many poker enthusiasts don't know is that poker pro Annie Duke, a nefarious opponent in her own right, is Howard's sister. She has four 1st place finishes of her own, including a WSOP bracelet, a WPT title and a triumphant finish at the NBC National Heads Up Championship in March of 2010. Duke pocketed half a million for the latter, bringing her total live tournament winnings to over $2 million.

Statistically, women remain a minority among online poker players, but the numbers are increasing on an exponential basis. To make matters more beneficial for new female poker players, it is a proven fact that chicks simply play poker better. The majority of loose, irresponsible and downright careless poker players are men, while women tend to be more patient, calculating and, overall, more successful playing poker over the internet. This goes doubly true for novice poker players.

According to the available data, and the estimation of, new female online poker players should focus their attentions on low to mid level stakes ranging anywhere from $2/$4 to $30/$60. At these stakes, inexperienced male poker players tend to have more ego than they do any real skills. A patient and disciplined woman that hits the tables at such stakes is statistically much more likely to win over these types of males.

When you get into the highest stakes games, gender has little to do with it anymore. These are mostly career poker players who make a living by out-thinking their competition. Male or female, the smartest player who shows the most self-restraint and oppositional awareness is, nine times out of ten, going to clean the table with everyone else's bankroll. provides a range of information and other resources to assist new online poker players in learning the ropes and choosing the right internet poker site to register a real money account with. The online poker guide is committed to providing its readers with the education and tools necessary for the most potential for success on the virtual felt, and especially encourages chicks to hit the online poker tables with enthused vigor.

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