Old Uncle Bob

Cathy | U.S.A. | Monday October 26th 2009, 10:13 | 0 Comment

Good Morning Bingo Buddies!

I have a neato story to share with you ladies this morning. My best bingo buddy and me set out to take care of some errands the other morning. Our errands included October Mammograms, 1 tendinitis x-ray, dropping old blind uncle bob off for his eye surgery, and lunch together.

For the first part of the morning we ran around like crazy women, but we got it all done. We picked up eye patch bob by 530 patted ourselves on the backs and called it a day.

We discussed things we could do in celebration. We could treat ourselves to a night of bingo, or we could just go home and settle down with chick flicks, or even snuggle up with the kiddies and a family movie.

Turns out none of those were going to be our plan for the evening, my best friends little sister went in for a C-Section just hours before bringing baby Jon into the world.

While this brand new mom to be was at the hospital, my best friends cousin was on her way to the very same hospital.

She wasn’t on her way there to meet baby Jon’s momma though. Shortly after sitting down to her red beans and rice, her own water broke! The babies didn’t end up with the same birthday, Baby Caleb waited until 8:08 the next morning to enter the world.

While all this was going on, it was time to take patchwork Bob back to the Casey Eye Institute to get the patch removed.

Not only were two babies born in the last 24 hour span, but... To top it all off... Blind Bob is blind no more.

He had his retina replaced, and less than a full day after the surgery he was reading large letters, like the numbers on an alarm clock. In fact, it wont be long before no-more-blind-Bob is reading the numbers on a bingo card! The doctor told him he’d be seeing heaps of improvement throughout the next week.

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