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Thank Goodness for the auto daub feature at USA Bingo! That’s the theme for today.

Cathy Gets Contacts

I went to the eye doctor for my very first ever pair of contact lenses this week, and it’s been great! I immediately fell in love. I was absolutely sure that I had a match made in heaven.

My eye doctor complimented me on my skill and ability, telling me I was already much better than some users that had been putting in and taking out contact lenses for months.

I did need the encouragement I tell you. I must say I’m not overly fond of getting those buggers out of my eye. I had so thought putting them in would be worse.

Look! Mommy can put foreign objects in her eye... Or... Not

Anyway, today, my son comes into the bathroom just as I’m about to pop the left contact in, I’d already gotten the right one in. I immediately spot the opportunity to be really cool in the eyes of a five year old, if only for a minute.

So I asked him if he’d like to watch. I’m sure he thought I was putting on make up, or something equally in-amusing for a five year old male, as he immediately declined. Ever the polite child, he did tell me that he’d already had plans with his sister.

“Well ok,” I said, “I’m just going to put this thing in my eye anyway. Be right out.”

Well that got his attention, as we’re all aware it was intended to.

He was automatically intrigued. I let him step up onto the toilet and watch. The right eye had gone off without a hitch, tapped onto the eyeball, and done in one fluid motion.

So, I show him how to check and see if the contact is wrong side out or not, and then I touch it to my eye. It seems super dry, and entirely uninterested in sticking to my eye though.

I am not taking no for an answer though, so I touch it to my eye, and then I blink, which has worked before...

I feel it touch my eyelash, and then it feels fine, I figure it’s on and we’re ready to start a new day!

“Mom, you dropped it!”

Until my son says, “Mom, you dropped it.” “Dropped it?” I looked down toward the floor... “Really?” He confirmed. Now I tell him to stay put, and I call for my husband, afraid to move and step on it.

There was no real reason of course, you can’t put a used contact back into your eye after it’s hit the floor. The good news however is that this is my trial week, so instead of calling 1-800-contacts for an emergency delivery, I’ve just got to go into the eye doctor in the morning and explain that it hit the dirt.

Wont my Dr. be so proud!

In fact, I’m sure the eye doctor will be quite proud. As sure as I was that I could pick that contact up off my pretty clean floor, give it a good wash and put it back in.

So I may as well take the first contact back out I surmise. Give both eyes a break?

I usually add some eye drops just before removing them, seems to make them come out easier, and besides, dry eyes just aren’t comfortable.

So a few drops in the eye, and I put my finger in my eye to remove the contact. Only it feels a lot like I’m touching my eye.

Come out, come out, wherever you are!

I try again...

Again my eye gets irritated at the first touch. I decided that I’m probably just being a bit squeamish because of my earlier snafu, so I add a few more eye drops and try it again... to no avail.

I really am no longer convinced that there is a soft contact lens in my eye.

Do you suppose my eye doctor will be equally impressed now? Doc, I had the good sense not to put the contaminated lens back into my eye, and.. As an aside, I am not real sure if I have a lens still in my other eye.

Well then, I’ve called the eye doctor and left a message. In the meantime, I definitely have one contact out, and one, well who knows.

So what can a girl do with... one eye open... so to speak. Play bingo online of course!

No, really! I logged onto USA Bingo, checking out my blurry bingo cards, and may I just say, Thank you God for auto daub!

I deposited 20 bucks, and so far, I’ve won a little over 150. See, it was meant to be.

I’ll update later on the case of the missing contact lens. For now, I’m playing bingo, and typing with the font on size 48!

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