One of those nights

Cathy | U.S.A. | Wednesday July 1st 2009, 04:50 | 1 Comment

Here it is around midnight, and I am still awake. Recently, I haven't been able to fall asleep like usual. So while I was browsing around the internet, I had decided to take a peek at Bingo Mania to see what it was all about. This site has been intriguing me for a while because the site was really attracted to the great bonus structure that is available to new players and their awesome graphics. I decided to sign right up and check it out!

Bingo Mania

While I was in there, this woman named Marlo had an intriguing conversation with me in the chatroom during our game of Four Corners. I didn't bet a whole heck of a lot though, because I just wanted to see how much I liked it. Well come to find out, I won around $100 and talked with Marlo about our kids and how much we enjoyed the game itself for about a good 20 minutes. We chatted so much that neither one of us were paying attention to our cards!

When we were done playing, I decided to take a look around the site, where I discovered heaps of really fun games that I plan to try out at another time such as the pull tabs. After a bit of just lurking about, I was destined to win some more money, so I decided to play a few more rounds of Bingo, to see if I could hit the jackpot. This is where I met a few really nice ladies named Nicole and Rachel where we totally hit it off at the chatroom.

We had this really great conversation about the latest celebrity gossip, while watching our numbers to make sure that one of us was winning the game. However, none of us won, I was off by one square, Rachel didn't get a single number, and Nicole was off by three squares. However, we have become friends, had an awesome time, and I hope that I see them soon at the bingo room!

Although I had only won $100 during one of my games, I can honestly say that I really had a great time at Bingo Mania. This room is going to be on my list of most frequent rooms to play. I am really hoping to run into Rachel, Nicole, and Marlo again at the rooms, because we had a great time tonight! I have to say, Bingo Mania has really impressed me a lot, and that it’s definitely worth the membership with everything available for their players.

Bingo Mania’s software is really easy to navigate and came with the auto drabber, which I really thought was cool. There is a great selection of games for the bingo and non bingo players who visit the site, and they had some great banking options that are really well known and trusted. I am really looking forward to returning for another few rounds of Bingo at Bingo Mania really soon! Anyhow, I should probably head to bed since it’s really late here. I’ll talk to y’all soon!

  • Hi there Cathy. I love your article, can't wait to read more coming from you. It was a great night, wasn't it??? When will you be playing again?

    Comment #1Nicole, Saturday July 4th 2009, 17:04

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