A Funny Football Story

Cathy | U.S.A. | Thursday October 8th 2009, 10:14 | 0 Comment

A retired NFL assistant was called from his duties at the local bingo parlor, to consult on a football game.

Now even if you don’t follow football, or bingo for that matter, this is a funny story.
Sherman Lewis retired about five years ago. His last gig was with the NFL was for the Lions in 2004. In his spare time, the retiree calls bingo at the local senior center.

"I had to go to the senior center and cancel my bingo calling," Lewis told a reporter for the Associated Press, "And I had to cancel my Meals on Wheels today."

The Washington Redskins brought Lewis to town as ‘an extra set of eyes’. Some say though that it shows an obvious lack of faith in the new Coach Zorn.

Lewis reassured reporters that he has no intentions of quitting his job as a bingo caller at the senior center, he’s not job shopping, he’s just helping out in a pinch.

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