Even Elaine is Playing Online Bingo

Cathy | U.S.A. | Thursday October 1st 2009, 09:54 | 0 Comment

I took my friend Elaine to Bingo Mania last night. She's never played bingo, or any other real money type gambling games online. So we decided to detail the sign up process for new bingo players here.

The first thing Elaine had to do was fill out a lil screen about herself, name and email, that sort of thing. Then another more detailed screen popped up that asked for the basic identifying information again, though a bit more in depth. Name, address, email etc. Elaine was all signed up in seriously less than 2 minutes.

She got her confirmation email in less time than it took her to check her mail, clicked the link and signed in.

Like all Bingo Mania bingo newbies, Elaine got $5 in free bingo cards. Off to the bingo room we headed to spend up that money!

Bingo Mania has Five Bingo Chat rooms to choose from:

  • High Roller
  • Money Pot
  • Loony Bin
  • Nut House
  • Penny Lane

Bingo Cards in the High Roller room cost $1.00 each, the progressive jackpot was nice 'n juicy at
$3,613.80 but, $1 cards might be a bit more than we can afford on a $5 budget, we moved on.

The Money Pot features fifty cent cards, which would mean we could afford 2 bingo cards a game for five games, not bad... The progressive jackpot in the Money Pot was up to $3,866.80.

Still there were a couple lower priced rooms that might stretch our buck a little bit further!
The Loony Bin features twenty five cent bingo cards, much better for our budget! The pjp in the Loony Bin is $2,749.30.

The Nut House's jackpot was recently hit, so, a bingo player can get a bingo card there for as little as a nickel, and stands to win nearly $500 in the jackpot.

Penny Lane Bingo Room

There's also the Penny Lane room, with one penny bingo cards. Even the penny room has a jackpot! The jackpot in the penny room is almost up to 20 bucks. Keeping in mind that Elains playing with free bingo money, a $20 jackpot ain't to shabby.

Just think! We have 500 shots at hitting bingo in the penny room!

Elaine and I actually chose the Nut House to begin her bingo debut. $5.00 will buy you 50 bingo games at a dime each.

After we clicked into the room of our choice, we had to click 'Bingo Rooms' to choose to enter the chat room.

Inside, GM WILBO was playing chat games with about 8 bingo buddies (it was pretty late at night too!)

Elaine bought 4 bingo cards for the first game.

Didn't hit anything that first game, for the next game we learned how to use the auto purchase feature and set the game to buy 12 cards every game. The Bingo Mania software is the same as the place where I used to be a bingo chat moderator, so it was pretty easy showing Elaine the ropes ;).

During the third game, GM WILBO played a fun nabors game for free bingo cards, basically with that game, if your nabor bingos, you get free bingo cards!

All of the bingo rooms at Bingo Mania are 24 hours according to GM WILBO, Elaine works graveyard so that was really great for her!

We won a little bingo, adding another couple bucks to our budget, the sound of the cheering when someone wins bingo got my daughter Lexi's attention. She as cheering and reminding Elaine to buy cards and to watch them.

We didn't get rich, and we actually got a lil sleepy before we ran out of money! Elaine's all set up and plans to deposit and play some more tomorrow.

While we were there there was a shift change, so we got to meet both GM WILBO and GM HRT, and both were fabulous!

For now, good night roomies, and good luck!

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