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Amber | United Kingdom | Sunday September 27th 2009, 22:01 | 0 Comment

Disney Trivia

Wow, I thought I would never have a chance to sit down today. After our usual Sunday activities, we always have family night with the kids. Sometimes we go buy a movie or two and some popcorn and cuddle up with blankies in front of the big screen, sometimes we do artsy projects, sometimes we play board games. Disney Trivia is our two youngest’s favourite game to play, but our oldest is 11 and he thinks that game is for babies.

Star Wars Clone Wars Bingo

Star Wars Clone Wars Bingo

So this week instead of buying a new movie, my fiancé and I decided we would go look for a new game that the whole family will enjoy. Now anyone that knows me and my family knows that we love Star Wars, the men in my family are Star Wars fanatics! So when I saw Star Wars Clone Wars Bingo I knew that was the game to get. Each square has a different Clone Wars character on it such as Anakin Skywalker, Obi Won, Yoda etc.

So 2 hours later the kiddies are all played out and ready for bed. My fiancé has work in the morning, the kids have school and I still want to play Bingo! I guess since the family pooped out on me I will go play with some of my online bingo buddies at Paddy Power Bingo and see if I can’t yell out Bingo a couple more times before I turn in for the night. Wish me luck!

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