Change of Plans

Cathy | U.S.A. | Thursday September 3rd 2009, 10:27 | 0 Comment

So many hospitals so little time. My best friends fiancé cut himself the other day, and apparently he did a real bang up job of it. From what I gathered, he was cutting raw meat up for dinner, when the knife got away from him and cut his arm. Since then he's had two surgery's. There's good news though. He couldn't feel two of his fingers for a bit, and the feeling is back, hurts like, heck. But he can feel them and that's a good thing.

Well he's a Star Wars junkie. So I decided to put together a fun get well basket full of Star Wars, and nature stuff, he also loves the healthy junk. I figured I'd put a bunch of his favorite vegetarian junk food snacks in the basket, some fruit snacks, some trail mix, all that good stuff he likes and tease him with it a bit. Tell him he'd better get well so that he can have all the goodies.


I was going to deliver that yesterday morning, but... low and behold, as a moms plans often do, my plans changed. Just as I was drying my hair, I hear my son crying. My husband is talking to him, and I surmise that he's cut himself. I shut off the blow dryer, and I ask him if he wants a transformer band aid. "Yes Mommy!" On my way to the living room, my husband replies that he might need two band aids.

Now my husband is a 'buck up' kind of guy. So I read a whole lot more into that statement than the average person would. I walked into the living room, where my pathetically adorable son is. He's hobbling his way towards my room for his... two... band aids. I swooped him up, and had a look at his foot. I didn't even have to clean it, just one peak and my sons oh so squeamish mom knew she was on her way to the emergency room.

We spent nearly three hours in the waiting room. That's bad enough, but the triage nurse never even bothered to look at his cut.

Finally we were taken back to see a doctor, after that things moved pretty quickly. A bit of numbing cream on the owie, shot of Lidocaine... We were stitched up within the hour.

I packed my son around for the better part of the afternoon came home and fell asleep. It was the nap that never ends! I finally woke up around 2 in the morning (thank God for a great husband! The same guy that brought me a Dutch Brothers coffee at the hospital, also made the kids dinner and got them to bed). So here I am at 3 in the morning, after waking up starved, and making a 'run for the border'. Wondering what in the world a girl that wakes up at 2am should do with herself. The answer was pretty easy though. Play bingo DUH.

Bingo Mania has late night Loony Bin Bingo, it's the regular 75 Ball American style bingo. I'll probably play for about an hour and then see if I can't fall back to sleep for a few hours. I think I've had quite enough sleep (lol) but, I'll give it a shot. If that plan doesn't work out, I guess the kiddie's will wake up to an awesome breakfast. I have those new potatoes, the ones that are in the refrigerator section at the store, they're called simply potatoes. I'll make the fried kind with onions and garlic, and then maybe some sausage, and pancakes.

In the meantime though, I'm off to see GM Maria at Bingo Mania!

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