Police Raid Bessemer American Legion Bingo Hall

Cathy | U.S.A. | Tuesday September 1st 2009, 11:52 | 0 Comment

American Legion

I read a news report today about a place called Bessemer. It seems the police department raided the American Legion (isn't that a place for like ex-military senior citizens?). The news report, provided by the Associated Press said that the bingo hall was licensed for regular paper bingo card packets, but not for the little traveler machines, or other like electronic bingo machines, those machines make playing bingo a lot like online bingo. You do have to punch in your own number, but the machine daubs all your cards for you, so you can handle a lot more bingo cards. This also helps elderly bingo players not to miss their numbers, that sort of thing. In fact, most of the electronic bingo machines even sing a little tune when you hit.

Anyway, This AP news article said there had been several complaints from the community that there were unlicensed bingo machines in operation at this American Legion bingo hall. Are you serious? Does the 'community' at large really keep track of what the bingo hall's license covers? I'd sure love to see some of these 'complaints'.

  • 'Yes 911... I think their are elderly women down at the American Legion playing bingo illegally!'
  • 'Yes ma'am I know it is a bingo hall...'
  • 'B-b-bbbut... they're using... THE MACHINES!'

The District Judge assigned to the case, Eric Fancher issued a cease and desist order. According to Captain Mike Roper the officers left the 300 illegal bingo machines in the bingo hall, but they locked the door. (Do they do that in cocaine cases too? Leave all the contraband/evidence, but padlock the door?)

Anyway, the story tickled me. Boy oh boy, law enforcement officials sure do seem to have a lot of free time lately, but then, maybe that's the good thing.

In the meantime, in addition to playing bingo like usual on these interwebs (I've spent quite a bit of time between Desperate Housewives Bingo and USA Bingo lately) I've been playing FarmVille on Facebook, you want to talk about addictive, SHEESH!

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