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I have a definite love hate relationship with school clothes shopping! I love to make my kids smile, and I was a young mom, so when it comes to shopping, I'm probably better at that than some. We have perused the malls, the bargain stores, the high end stores, we've bought socks, and bra's and jeans, so many pairs of jeans! There are skinny jeans, bootcut jeans, and don't forget a must have this year, boyfriend jeans. You take those three basic styles, and create ripped, shredded, bleached and dyed jeans to add to the fray.

We bought clothes during the high school registration, where I might add I totally wanted to buy the cutest onsie! But, alas, I don't know anyone that would fit into the onesie, so we had to make do with a batch of new hoodies, zip up fleece hoodies, regular cotton zip ups, pull-over hookies, sweatshirt's, hats, and high school logo socks, Go David Douglas!

The hate part of my relationship with school clothes shopping comes from the price tags. My goodness! I woman could take out a mortgage and probably still think of something she forgot to buy!

Paddy Power Bingo

Which is why I thought the promotion I am about to tell you about is so neat! Before the beginning of the school year, every parent spends a ton of money on school clothes, and supplies, and everyday in August, Paddy Power Bingo pays off somebody's bills.

Everyday all month Paddy Power has been drawing a new name, and paying that persons bill. The winners are drawn at random, and to qualify for the day, you do have to play bingo (I know... what will they think of next... next year they'll probably make us go to a salon or something equally dreadful!). Just spend £10 on bingo tickets, you can't use BB's to qualify for the promotion though, so be sure to use your own monies.

First, email with all of the info from a bill. You don't need to send a bill, just the info from it, check out the Paddy Power website for exact info. Then, meet the £10 a day qualification. Winners win up to £150 toward the payment of a bill. There's only about 9 days left of this promotion, that couldn't have come at a better time! Wish I'd have seen it sooner!

Just think, one £150 bill paid off and the kids wouldn't be the only one getting new Adidas at the mall tomorrow!

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