Work, work, work, and a little bit of bingo

Cathy | U.S.A. | Tuesday August 25th 2009, 10:32 | 0 Comment

The past week has been work, work, work, a little bit of bingo slipped into the work, and more work! We're officially back from the wilds of the wilderness, and we brought a lot of dirt home with us, some pine needles, some ash, and loads and loads of dirty laundry!

I have to say: Thank You Roomies! Thanks to my bingo buddies for keeping me company the past few days while I washed, folded, ironed, fluffed, sorted and stowed laundry. I'm pretty sure in fact that every article of clothing we own, as a very large family was not only dirty, but simply filthy.

After spending the better part of this morning and early afternoon washing away the remnants of camping from our belongings, a bit of self pampering was in order, don't you agree?

My sister and I had made a salon date yesterday, oddly enough, at the suggestion of her boyfriend. She'd mentioned taking me out to lunch as a thanks for the camping trip, and he suggested a pedicure day. What a smart guy that sister of mine has in her life. Worked out perfectly, being that we'd just had a great lunch that included a fabulous shrimp soup as an appetizer, Swiss mushroom burgers as the entree, and... shrimp cocktail to finish things off with during yesterdays lunch on the Columbia River.

Today, we went to a Salon in the old neighborhood. It'd been a few years since we'd been to this salon, in fact, it's not even the salon we had intended to go to, traffic redirections, closed roads, a freeway accident and other related chaos sort of led us straight to the doors.

It was great! Y'know that feeling when you go back home after you've been away a long time? Totally felt it! The salon had brand new chairs, the yummy massage chairs. They also had two brand new little kids pedicure chairs, they were the cutest thing! I wish I'd have remembered to take a picture! One was a panda chair, and the other a hello kitty type chair! They were adorable, I can't wait to take my kids in now! My youngest, who's going to be eight in a week or so absolutely loves pedicures, but the ladies in the salon always seem a bit uncomfortable with the idea of pedi's for kids.

I won $300 last night at Desperate Housewives Bingo, I was thinking I could go back tomorrow and take the kids, spoil them a bit. After a bit more thought though, I decided that pedicures could probably wait a little while, at least until my own next appointment, and the money I won playing bingo online could likely be put to better use buying some really cool new stuff for them for school.

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