Bingo isn't just for women

Donna | U.S.A. | Saturday August 22nd 2009, 09:34 | 0 Comment

I heard about a new online bingo room today, the concept is interesting, it's called bloke bingo. Obviously they're making the point that bingo isn't just for women, which is great! Actually a friend of mine met a man in an online bingo chat room, and married him! That was about five years ago, and I must say that online romances are just to much fun, even if they stay online.

Now here's the thing, I love this idea. It's a great way to get men interested in a great game (online bingo obviously) and it's a great way for men to realize a game that is a great way to meet women online... unless, since the site is marketed toward men, and called bloke bingo, the ladies stay away. At any rate, I found it an interesting idea, I'm going to stick to my plans to play at Desperate Housewives tonight, after all, they gave me 30 bingo bucks for free, just to try them out! Actually they offer thirty bingo bucks to every new player.

That's not the only reason I'm playing Desperate Housewives tonight though (and no it's not for the dating!), I was there the other night, playing bingo, visiting with the roomies, when cindyjoe30 won more than $1300 in a PJP. It was so exciting!

There are four progressives available right now at Desperate Housewives, including a smaller progressive, the Speed Bingo Jackpot that's just over $300 right now, and on up to Jackpot Fever, which is just over $37k.

Smooth Away

On a more personal note, I tried the new Smooth Away, the As Seen on TV substitution for shaving. (See the image left that I found online.) It's slow going, but it does work. It's basically a real low grade of sand paper with very sticky adhesive on the back, the adhesive sticks to a rubber pallet, that you can hold in your hand, then you do just what the commercials say, you rub the hair off instead of shaving, it actually also rubs your legs smooth, exfoliating while removing hair! Why am I telling you all of this you're asking yourself? Because it's great! You can use the Smooth Away while you play bingo online!

That's my plan anyway, Happy Daubing!

PS: This actually makes me think to ask the others what they think about adding a health and beauty section to the site. Even though online bingo isn't just for girls, obviously is!

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