Daubers Down, Beer Mugs Up!

Cathy | U.S.A. | Thursday August 20th 2009, 10:35 | 0 Comment

Beer Mug

I just read the craziest article, it seems that a Republican Governor in Alabama would not sign a bill into law that legalized electronic bingo lottery games, but was perfectly willing to raise the states legal alcohol percentage for beer drinkers by signing HB373 'the Gourmet Beer Bill'.

The Christian Governor, Bob Riley isn't just forcing his state to uphold his morals, which is a big issue in itself (I have this thing about choosing my own moral values, learning them from my parents and such, and then teaching THOSE values to my children...). The Governor of Alabama is actually deciding which of the evils are profitable enough to promote.

The legal limit for beer went from 6 percent to 13.9 percent by volume. This Governor Riley was ok with. You can sit down in a restaurant at a table with your kids, and drink this stronger beer, then you can drive home.

Interesting trivia though most of the micro-brews, the good thick, stronger beer's, the one's connoisseur's call 'hearty' are sold in 22 ounce bottles, however, Alabama only allows the sale of 16 oz bottles of beer. Bit of a conundrum there.

As for Bingo, and gambling in general, it's no secret that the governor of Alabama is against, in fact, according to the Alabamian newspaper Gov. Bob Riley paid a law firm where his son-in-law is a shareholder at least $650,000 in public funds to advise a "task force on gambling" Riley created earlier this year. The chairman of the House Tourism and Travel Committee calls the task force "a witch hunt".

In the meantime, we'll play our bingo online I suppose, and the United States won't profit from tax dollars, Alabama will not reap the benefits via their Medicare programs or any other, and 0% will go to charity, on the bright side however, folks down in Sweet Home Alabama can play whilst drinking a bottle of tasty Micro Brew, and they can do it from home where there's no risk of getting a DUI!

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