Playing poker for the first time

Donna | U.S.A. | Sunday August 9th 2009, 20:11 | 0 Comment

Bingo sure is a friendlier game than online poker! A girlfriend of mine took me to a local poker game the other night, which was really a lot of fun! I've played cards since I was a little girl, and I obviously love a shot at putting in a little money, and getting back a lot. I'll sure say one thing for live poker, though it's entertaining!


There was arguing, and cursing, and WOW, that's a serious game. A gentleman that seemed to be a regular literally cursed out another man that beat him in a hand, with what he thought was a bad poker hand. The man that was insulted got up and left, rightfully claiming that he didn't need to take that abuse.

An older woman named Karen that we also play bingo with was there too, Karen has been playing poker so long that she was once hand cuffed and arrested at a home poker game :O. Karen defended the way the man that left played, and for her trouble she got yelled at too.

I think I'll stick to the bingo hall! When I go to bingo it's more like an outing with friends! Although, I must admit, I don't feel to friendly when someone yells the word bingo after I've been on for 8 numbers!

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