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Cathy | U.S.A. | Tuesday August 4th 2009, 12:01 | 1 Comment

My daughter took her driver's test today! I was so excited! She's been practicing everyday for weeks and weeks. Gosh they really do grow up so fast! She just got back from Japan last month, and she's already at the Department of Motor Vehicles vying for her independence :O.

She didn't pass today, though, though the moment she walked into that DMV still marked a major milestone in her life! She has a few things left to work on, things like stopping before the stop sign, not after she's passed it, even if that makes better sense for getting a good view of the road. She also forgot to check her blind spot, relying solely on her mirrors when changing lanes. Here where I live a teenager has to wait 28 days between tests, so that ought to give her plenty of time to study for the next test.

888 Ladies Bingo Cruise

On another note, I've been playing my booty off at a new bingo room, well at least 888 Ladies is new for me ;). Unfortunately I am not officially allowed to play there, as I am only allowed to play bingo at US bingo sites, but lucky as I am, Lydia let me use her account.

888 Ladies has a fun new contest on offer, actually it's not new, which is why I've been working so hard to catch up! Their giving away a couple of VIP cabins on a Luxury Mexico Cruise! The neatest part is that their also sending CM Chica, and a couple others from the bingo room (TommyGntlmn and the Happy Hour Fairy), so the winners get to actually meet the 888 Ladies Bingo crew!

What girl, especially a working mom wouldn't just die to go on this cruise, especially in cold and dreary November. It gets better though! The cruise is the 21st Annual World Championship of Bingo Tournament and Gaming Cruise. Lucky bingo chicks have a shot at winning 100k and a free ticket for next years cruise too!

For your shot at winning a VIP cabin from 888 Ladies, check out their website... and keep your fingers crossed for my daughters next drive test too! :)

Happy daubing!

  • "She also forgot to check her blind spot, relying solely on her mirrors when changing lanes."

    This is so funny. When I took my exam in the States many years ago I was told being paranoid for looking over my shoulder all the time. In the Netherlands we have bikes in the streets everywhere and you basically have to look over your shoulder all the time. Good news that they have picked that up as well in the US, or perhaps just on the West coast ;)
    Comment #1Giorgio, Wednesday August 5th 2009, 18:04

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